Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday Final

I tried.
Really I did.
I mean I went over there, and here, and somewhere and nowhere.
To no avail.
No SARATS tree here.
First I tried this:

No good.
All green.
How bout this:

Not as green but still sort of green.
Then I got a flat.
Which was good cause man I was a huffing and a puffing today!
I swear, not riding during the week is like slow death.
Death to my legs that is.
Seems like I'm very slowly losing whatever fitness I had built up.
I need to get out during the week.
So anyways, after I fixed my deflated tire, I went a looking.
Here, there, and everywhere.
That's a Beatles song.
There, everywhere and here I looked.
I did see this:

Maybe a bicycle covered with flowers is a sign that fall is upon us.
I mean it was completely covered all over with flowers!

Flower power!
It reminded me of tie dye and Jimi Hendrix.
I kept at it.
There must be a tree around here worthy of a SARATS entry.
I was getting tired so I just gave up.
All we got here is green.
It's like I live on a tropical island or something.


John Romeo Alpha said...

Since trees don't really change color in my neck of the woods either, and since we, too, have palm trees, I suggest we kick off the APACA: Annual Palm Assessment Comparison -Athlon, a looooooong event involving bicycle riding and photographing palm trees and then blogging about it. Suggested prize: macadamia nuts and prickly pear jelly.

Trevor said...

I would swap your gorgeous palms and great weather for the fallen leaves and the terrible winter that has been predicted for us this year...


Tracy W said...

I'm thinkin' that someone who lives where you do shouldn't be whining about not having a SARATS entry!

Give it a couple of months in my neck of the woods and I'll be dreaming of your islands. Need a visitor?

shuichi said...

You really did it.

limom said...

JRA, yes!
It would be a perpetual sort of thing with no deadline or limit.
I defer to the One Speed Go Contest Committee(OSGCC).

Trevor, it's okay here.
As long as it don't rain.

Tracy, well you know, I was really jealous of all that maple syrup going around.
Even though I don't eat many pancakes.
Free stuff is free stuff.
If you know what I mean.
Visitors to Flat Tire Land are always welcome.
I'll even take you out on a ride.
As long as you like going around in circles.

Shuichi, I think I did something, or maybe I did nothing.
Not sure.