Saturday, October 8, 2011


Okay, not really.
I mean the Finally! part happened like a few days ago, I just forgot all about it.
Not that it was important or anything.
Well it kind of was for me.
It took me long enough.
To read this I mean:

Lemme tell you, it wasn't easy.
I mean it was easy to read, but it's just that it's a pretty thick book:

So how was it?
First of all, like most books made into movies, the movies don't do justice to the book.
I mean it's not like you can make a two hour movie with a book that goes for like 1200 pages.
The latest movie version of The Count of Monte Cristo, the one with James Caviezel and Guy Pierce, is what I'm talking about.
As they say, read the book first then see the movie.
Or just don't' bother with the movie and just read the book.
If you got the time.
Cause it's long.
Did I mention that it's like really long?
The only problem with the unabridged version I got, is that because the original was serialized in like a magazine or something, there are some continuity problems.
Nothing really big and you probably won't notice but the book does make note of it.
I liked though, so much so that I'm going to try and hunt down a French version and try and slog through that.
No telling how long that will take me.
If you haven't read TCM, I won't bore you with the details, let's just say one of the main themes is revenge.
Makes Khan trying to blow up Captain Kirk with that Genesis thing look like child's play.
If you need to seek out the ultimate revenge on someone, consider it a good training manual.
So anyways, since I'm all on a book theme, I also got this today:

I've been wanting to read/hear this for some time now, and now I can.
Read it I mean.
It's also available as an audio book narrated by Byrne himself here.
Not same as being made into a movie, so if I like the book, I'll probably get the audio version just so I can hear him read it.
For now though, it's what I'll be doing.
Reading it, I mean.
Something to do while my le Trois Mousquetaires is in transit.
I'm going to try to read that en francais too.
Hopefully my brain won't explode.
If you know what I mean.


Mark said...

I am curios as to how the David Byrne book is going to be. How about a review when you finish it?

limom said...

It's not a bicycling book exactly.
I mean he does talk about how the bicycle interacts with his life and the cities he has visited, but it's more of a social commentary.
I'm about a third through and it's been interesting.