Friday, April 20, 2012

Cure for the Blues

So all this week, I've been sort of sad.
I mean things haven't been humming along as usual, they've been sort of up in the air, and I find that a most uncomfortable position to be in.
Having things up in the air I mean.
I like to grab the tiger by the tail and whip it around my head while drinking a favorite cold beverage and singing along to Back in Black by AC/DC.
Okay, not really.
Maybe some Aerosmith.
Anyways, what's the best way to cure the blues?
eVilness shopping spree!
Oh yeah!
 New bar tape with appropriate bar end caps:

Blogger now loads up images in freaking order!
No more cut and paste!
New thingy of my favorite chain lube, which by the way is Flat Tire tested and approved:

I still haven't tried olive oil.
Since the Haleiwa Metric Century is right around the corner, I needed to accessorize the ole ride:

Matching water bottle!
So I don't bonk don't you know.
Oh, there's some bad news.
One of my socks has gone rogue:

Be careful if you see the other sock.
Any sock willing to escape from the matching sock is more of a danger to regular socks and should be approached with caution.
Finally, what better to cap off the day with a cap:

Slipping that puppy over my head makes everything right in the world.
It's not just for bling anymore.
I swear I'm feeling better already.
If you know what I mean.


Steve A said...

It has been said that Campagnolo cures headaches. You seem to validate that theory.

John Romeo Alpha said...

I look at your blog header and I feel happier already. I think I would go and stare at the waves in preference to shopping spree on the evilness. OTOH that's some sweet lookin bartape you got there.

limom said...

Steve A, take two Super Records and call me in the morning.

JRA, staring at waves, something I haven't done in a while.
This weekend.