Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunday Early Edition

Just something quick before I'm off to work on the Temple.
I've been putting together a video of the class trip I took out to Mokauea Island last Thursday.
Lemme tell you, working on video ain't exactly easy.
Took me oh, about eight hours of work to get about seven and a half minutes of video and photo images edited and sound tracked.
All that synchronizing don't you know.
Anyways, I've been thinking about that island a bit, my impressions and thoughts are sort of coming together and I'm getting a feeling like I'm going to be going back there.
In what capacity I'm not sure yet as I'm pretty stretched out as it is what with dialysis and all the other stuff going on.
I gotta say though, what a bunch of kids got done in two hours was not a whole lot and the island needs much more attention.
Here's a video I found that sort of explains what's going on:

Another video of Kai Makana, the group working to clean the island up:

I had to miss an opportunity to go back on Saturday when they had a community day.
The community days are set up according to the tide as the reef walk is part of the experience since the reef is also part of the restoration.
I'm also looking into what kind of native plants will grow in that environment; maybe I can get my greedy little hands on some plants and take them over or at least donate them.
I swear if that place had two coconut trees to hang a hammock in between, I'd be there all the time!
Anyways, I'm off to work on the Temple but I wanted to share this short clip I took that hopefully give you, the reader, a feeling of how vast the reef area is.
I also included a NC17 clip of a sea cucumber that I didn't include in the video I made for school.
The more I looked at it well, you'll get my drift.
If I get permission, maybe I'll post the whole video up for your approval.
Oh wait.
I can't for I'm using copyrighted music.
Well I'm probably going to do a second version so maybe I'll post that up.
Okay, off I go!
Mokauea reef:

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