Saturday, April 21, 2012

Travels With Chicken

Me and the chicken.
Here and there.
Well actually I didn't start off with the chicken, it was sort of added later.
This morning was packet pick up for the Haleiwa Metric Century ride so off I went into the heart of Waikiki:

The fine folks there had everything ready to go so it was sign in and off I went!
Over on the other side of town, the school I work at had a fair thingy commemorating 75 years of education.
There were all sorts of booths and stuff:

They even had them inflatable slide thingys for the keikis.
That's Hawaiian for small folks:

Well I wasn't there for no giant sharks or threatening mice.
I was there for the huli huli chicken:

Huli means to flip over in Hawaiian(that's like two new words!) so huli huli chicken is chicken that's been well, flipped.
Over and over rotisserie style outdoors.
Very tasty.
So anyways, I grab my chicken and head for parts unknown.
Which in this case was Kvibe, to check in and see what was going on:

Well a lot was going on!
Young folks were busy busy learning how to work on bicycles.
I stopped over for the Kvibe folks are hopefully going to be involved with Something Wonderful and I had some news to share.
Can't share it with you, the reader, yet.
So me and the chicken, we got places to go and things to do.
Like head on home.
What you get when you purchase huli huli chicken, is a big ole bag o'chicken:

Okay, there was actually a whole barbecued chicken in there, but I was so hungry after travelling all over the creation, I ate half.
Trust me though, you do actually get a whole chicken.
So anyways, me and the chicken had a pretty good day and we got some things done.
Actually the day's not quite over, but after downing that half a chicken I'm feeling a bit sleepy so nappy time is coming up.
One the other hand, the other half of that chicken is looking pretty good.

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