Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunday Final

In the palm of my hand.
So to speak.
You'll see what I mean later.
Anyways, this morning I went out to work on the Temple of the Holy Oracle of the Copper Red(TOTHOTCR).
Today was hood day, sort of like Easter except with a large stainless steel thingy.
Well it didn't quite go as planned for as usual, I made a banana head mistake.
The hood simply would not fit through the roof either going from the top down, or the down up.
It was because of the flare:

You see how the hood flares on the bottom?
Well it's like 30 inches across and the hole in the roof was only like 24.
Lemme tell you, stainless steel is heavy.
After struggling with trying to poke it in from the bottom, the kiln was too close to the roof, and trying to finagle it in from the top, we finally just got a reciprocating saw and cut a section out of the roof.
It was Easter and My Friend Kyle had to go and color some eggs.
Don't you know.
So we finally got it in there:

You can see now how the hood directs the exhaust gasses, hot like a F22 on afterburner, out through the top.
The hood also gets on the hot side, so it may need insulating from the wood of the roof.
Anyways, very soon now, some wonderful things will be coming forth.
So MFK goes home to color some eggs and I'm sort of tired cause I was up on the roof.
That's a James Taylor song.
Well I also got this dude coming by to look at the Ciocc.
Let's just say the Ciocc is no more here, and now presently resides somewhere in Honolulu.
I think it found a good home.
So now I have some extra scratch to maybe order that seat mast topper thingy so my saddle doesn't get all beat up by them seat rail clamps.
More on that later.
So I'm feeling pretty good except now the weather gets sort of iffy and instead of riding to the Man Store to get a new bulb for my lamp, I decide to drive.
Well on the way to Man Store, I decide to stop off at the Plant Place to see what they got in the form of cactus.
No cactus, but some palms catch my eye:

Now it's sort of sunny again so I'm also thinking I should get back and ride the bicycle but now these different kinds of palms have my attention.
Apparently there's like fast growing palms, dwarf palms and really tall palms.
Well I want a palm to put on the lanai, you know, to sort of contrast the cactus, so I don't want no really tall palms.
Now I need a palm expert.
I was going to get this bottle palm, but it was on the expensive side:

Seriously, 30 bucks for a small little palm like that!
I mean I just sold my frame and all, but still, I could like go down to the beach and dig one up!
Okay, not really.
I mean there aren't any small palms at the beach, only them really really really tall palms.
So I'm about to leave when what do I see?

Palms on sale!
Oh yeah baby!
So ask about these palms on sale, but they aren't really on sale, just cheaper than the other palms and they are sort of medium palms so I go ahead and get me one.
For only 12 bucks!
Now I got me a nice smallish palm on the lanai, next to my sliding glass door:

Now when the wind blows I can hear the soothing rustle rustle of palm leaves while I snooze on the couch!
These palms are not hammock rated, so I'll have to do some research if I want to swing rustle rustle.
I was going to water it, but it rained.
Okay, the palm pot is sort of on the small side, but hey! I make pots so I'll just have to get busy.
Well anyways, what this is all about is that I did have a palm in the palm of my hand when I brought it into the house.
Now I'm all palmed out.
If you know what I mean.

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