Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Final

That's how my legs feel.
Well done.
No, I didn't go bust some hills with my brother, though I did eventually meet up with him.
More on that later.
Well it was a beautiful day and I couldn't wait for him so I just put on my bicycle shoes and off I went!
I did see some interesting things along the way, like this sign:

I looked around but it was business as usual.
Save Kailua from what?
So anyways I'm riding around and finally my brother calls me.
No, no hills, why don't you just meet up with me later?
Okay, says he, give me about 45 minutes.
Well over in these parts, we go this thing called Hawaiian Time(HT) and it's like the clock moves slower than usual but my brother is a prompt sort of fellow.
Except on this day.
Well I'm thinking I'm not going to keep going since I gotta come back to meet him, so I decide ride around Kailua Town and check things out.
Here's another sign:

Okay, maybe now the first sign makes a little more sense.
I need to look for myself:

No, Kailua doesn't look like Waikiki.
So anyways off I go to kill some time.
I was liking this giraffe:

I was gonna go inside and see how much it was, but I didn't want to tempt myself.
If you know what I mean.
Across the street, Whole Foods was having some kind of pre grand opening:

They aren't open for business yet, that will happen on Wednesday, but they were letting in some folks in.
By invitation only.
That made me feel really welcome.
There was also a car show going on, Mustangs and the like.
Here's a row of Cobras:

There was also a '65 Daytona Coupe.
Now that's some history right there:

The original Ferrari killer.
Well my brother, who's on Hawaiian time, his 45 minutes turns into like an hour and a half.
Finally we get going, right as it starts to drizzle:

Nice easy pace which is good for I've already got like 18 or so miles under me and I can start to feel my legs complain-
Wait just a minute!
I can see right through yer shorts!

Thankfully the camera didn't capture what I really saw!
This is a family blog after all.
Let's just say I had a difficult time staying in his draft.
I mean you don't want to look, but you just can't help it!
At least stick some newspaper down there.
Or something.
Dude, let me lead for a while.
Well that didn't last for very long as I was getting fried but thankfully his shorts dried out and his you know what was no longer so uh, obvious.
More equipment malfunction as my brother's shoe decides to go south.
Luckily we're at the pit stop having a cream soda, so he goes into the store to ask for some tape:

Well now I'm really cooked and so is he.
We put in about 12 miles together, but he had another five or six get home.
I got in 33 miles total, and my legs held out until the very end.
We'll give it another go next week, hopefully with some new shorts and shoes.
Boy, I just can't get that image out of my mind.
Not the one of the shoes.
If you know what I mean.

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John Romeo Alpha said...

Brother's shoe reminds me of high school track, when we would do something similar to our shoes with athletic tape. I think at first it was to hold down the laces or something, but it soon became more of a good luck ritual than anything else.