Monday, April 30, 2012

Flying Blind

Without instruments.
Not even by the seat of my pants.
Sort of like making my way through a dark room.
With lot o'obstacles in there.
First, the Prevaricating Garmin info from yesterday.
You know, for your amusement:

As you can see, the average speed is wrong.
It's supposed to say 768mph.
Because I'm Super Sonic.
Don't you know.
Anyways right after we made the turn at the top of the island, near Kahuku, is where we encountered the tradewind powered wind tunnel.
I swear the coconut trees were bending sideways!
Not what this is all about though.
So anyways, after all of that, I came home for there was a Something Wonderful meeting I needed to be at.
Something Wonderful was going to happen.
Okay, not really.
I mean I expected Something Wonderful, instead I just got okay.
Still okay is better than not okay, so I'll take okay any day.
If you know what I mean.
The great City and County of Honolulu, which encompasses all of O'ahu, is on board with Something Wonderful, just not as Wonderful as I/we expected.
Meaning there's still tons of work to be done to get Something Wonderful off the ground.
It's just not going to be as difficult since some wheels have been greased.
So to speak.
At this point, I personally am in uncharted territory.
I have no clue.
Which is dangerous for when I have no clue I tend to just proceed forward and ask questions later.
We have some folks who are guiding us along, folks who have some experience but since they have experience it means they have their own Something Wonderfuls to take care of and don't really have the time to put in to our Something Wonderful.
Did that make sense?
Hopefully I can find my way through some of the darkness and our Something Wonderful will have a name that I can share, not just here on The Flat Tire, but to the whole world!
Okay, maybe not to the whole world, but you get my drift.
Then again, the name Something Wonderful is sort of growing on me.
In fact we should just call Something Wonderful, Something Wonderful!

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