Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sharing the Slow

Let's share!
Something I learned in school.
Let's share!
Share the slow!
I got plenty to go around.
Some slow for you, some slow me.
I am so slow there are now 379 days in a year!
I am so slow I can see my tires in front of me.
Both of them.
I am so slow that when I go through intersections, the light turns green, then red then back to green.
Pedestrians see me coming, get a cup of coffee and still see me coming.
Let's share some slow!

I figure if I share some slow, then all you fast guys will be slow too and then I'll just be average.
I'll take average.
Over slow I mean.
I went over a speed bump once and when I looked behind me, it was still in front of me!
I took a picture, but I won't get it until tomorrow.
Slowness don't you know.
Okay, so I haven't been riding regularly for like three months so some slowness is expected.
I've lost some spring in the ole legs and my aerobic engine needs a tune.
Overhaul even.
Actually slow wouldn't be so bad if it was all sunny and bright and French accordion music was coming out of the ole earbud and I'm riding like I was cruising along the Riviera or some nice beach over in Tevorland.
Unfortunately it was all cloudy and blustery and I couldn't wait to get back to Flat Tire Central and it was taking like forever because of the slow.
Anyone want some slow?
I got extra.
More where that came from.
Take seconds!
In fact, take all you want.
Just leave the fast please.
I'm trying to get back to Super Sonic and all this slow is just, well slowing me down.
If you know what I mean.
So take a heaping helping of slow.
Share it with your friends.
One can never have too much slow.
Don't you know.


Steve A said...

Sign me; "Slowly reading this."

limom said...

I s h o u l d h a v e s p a c e d i t o u t f o r y o u .

rlove2bike said...

I have all the slow I need and then some. And, I'm OK with that.

Thanks for the post!

limom said...

Well if we both give some slow to the same person(like say maybe Steve A) maybe we'll actually be fast!

johnnytrashbike said...

it must have taken f o r e v e r to write this post.

limom said...

I actually started on it last month.