Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday Final

So like finally!
I got off the couch today and hit the road.
Oh yes, it's true.
Finally caught some nice weather and I wasn't feeling so tired.
So off I went!
That's the good news.
The bad news is that I'm Super Slow(SS).
Not so inconceivable since I've only got like 250 miles this year.
Boy, I'm so ashamed.
No amount of technical innovation can help me.
Well, unless the doctor decides to boost my EPO shots.
Which ain't happening.
Anyways, obligatory side of the road shot:

Here in the sunlight you can see some of the goofiness of the carbon.
The black sections of the frame sort of look painted until you look really close and you can see the layering, or something going on:

Dedacciai says the top layer is unidirectional, whatever that means, all I know is that it ain't the pretty weave looking stuff.
It actually looks like some places have de-laminated, but it's not like there are bubbles or anything.
It just looks strange.
This coming from a steel kind of guy.
Well I'm still dialing in the position some, feels like the seat may need to go back a bit.
The sides of the saddle are still hitting the rail clamps so I got to do something about that. It's sort of smooshing the leather, but not as bad as before.
I can tell I'm pushing a lighter bicycle, not so much by acceleration or climbing, but just by overall feel.
The frame handles a little better too, not as twitchy as the Celeste Devil or the Ciocc was.
There is less side to side movement when I was climbing out of the saddle and less effort was needed to hold my line.
Not that I spend a lot of time out of the saddle.
As far as comfort goes, it feels about the same as the Celeste Devil, nothing jarring or bone shaking, although going over bumps and manhole covers sounds different.
Speaking of sounds, I was thinking today that it's gonna take a bit to get used to sounds this bicycle makes as it's all unfamiliar and little knocks and rattles are a source of worry.
Not that I'm worrying too much, I mean as long as I'm not leaving a trail of nuts and bolts behind me.
If you know what I mean.
Anyways, I managed to knock out 25 miles today, 25 grueling a huffing and a puffing sweat soaked miles.
I'm surprised I went that far considering I had to coast more than normal.
My heart rate is also a little higher though I'm not sure if that has anything to do with my blood or the fact that I'm just out of shape.
Which is not a good thing.
Being out of shape I mean.
Carrying ten extra pounds don't help much either.
So now I'm on a mission to get back my spin and endurance which have both gone south for the winter.
I'll need it especially since gas is like $449.90 a gallon.

Or at least getting close to it.
If you know what I mean.


Mark said...

What is it, you cant get more than 250 miles in this year because the girls keep stopping you on that bike?

Steve A said...

Unidirectional means all the fibers in that layer are lined up in one direction within the epoxy ply,with no fibers running crosswise. Unidirectional maximizes the strength and stiffness in the direction the fibers are running. In the fiber direction is nearly twice as stiff as aluminum and nearly as strong as a strong steel.

limom said...

Mark, chick magnet it is not.
Suppose that's covered under warranty?

Steve A, I think I'd rather have that cosmetic weave.
Image and all.
Don't you know.