Monday, April 9, 2012

Float Like A.....

Sting like a well, bicycle.
Kind of.
Okay, maybe not a sting, but certainly a surprise.
I mean as bicycle riders, one of the things we all worry about is visibility.
Cars mostly as we hang all sorts of things on our bicycles and ourselves to makes us more noticeable or to at least bring attention to the fact that we're there.
I run the usual, Planet Bike Superflash:

I also got the stealthy one, you know the one with the clear lens.
A little Planet Bike blinky thingy is something I use occasionally, but I use that mostly for the front.
Also getting some usage mainly cause it's easy to put on is a Knog Frog:

Easy to just wrap that puppy on yer handlebars or seat post and be on your way.
They also seem to last like forever.
That's the minimalist route.
Now I've seen some of you out there looking like a rolling billboard for a Las Vegas casino.
Lights on the front, lights on the back, lights hanging off yer back, lights on the helmet, lights on the seat post, lights on the forks, lights strapped to yer legs, lights strapped to yer arms, etc.
That's fine; my brother has no less than four lights on his tri-man machine.
Well something new has come to my attention that may just make all your flashing and blinking obsolete.
I was perusing Core77, a design site that I pop into once in a bit and I cam across this:

That's right caterpillar fans!
Entering a sketchy looking intersection?
See that car about to right hook you?
Crazy joggers running in the bike lane?
You now have an answer to all you problems!
Bike Butterfly!
Of course I can't use one.
I go so fast I'd probably fly away never to be seen again.
Which may not be a bad thing.


John Romeo Alpha said...

Aw, it's sold out! I wonder what the reload time is.

limom said...

You know I was thinking, you could get some nice fine silk, some of them newfangled tent posts, some wire, a backpack......

Big Oak said...

If you got one of those outfits you'd be constantly attacked by sparrows, I'm afraid.

rlove2bike said...

I will bet it wouldn't take long to gather a nickname among town. He's right. They would remember next time. That's great.

limom said...

Big Oak, thanks for the giant sparrow nightmares.

rlove2bike, shock and awe.