Thursday, April 5, 2012

Interisland Field Trip! pt.III

Okay, if you are starting here, don't.
Go down like two pages cause this is part III.
Trust me, it's worth it.
Okay, so we get back to the island were we do sort of a debriefing.
A couple of the girls were all scared for it seems an eel came swimming by but most of the kids seemed to be pretty stoked to be out there.
Hell I was pretty stoked to be out there!
Pooped, but stoked.
We weren't done yet.
Back in the canoes and O'ahu and some lunch on the beach.
First though, we had to race back.
Of course my canoe won!
Super Sonic even on water.
Next, a walk across the parking lot to visit this:

Honolulu Community College runs the Marine Education and Training Center partnering up with the Polynesian Voyaging Society.
Basically the facility is there to train folks who want to get into the maritime industry. The focus I think is on boat repair and building so they have some boats being repaired and restored.
The attraction for me was this:

That's some history right there.
The Hokule'a was out of the water recently and was overhauled.
You can read about it here.
The wiki only scratches the surface about what the Hokule'a means to local folks.
Here I was, standing right next to it!

Boy, the stories she could tell!
From what I understand, her next voyage will be an around the world trip.
Okay, she's not the original, I believe her beam widened a bit and maybe a little length was added too.
Still, going around the world in a freakin canoe!
Hell just going to Tahiti!
Like I said, history.

Well, the kids were pooped, I was pooped, everyone was pooped so back on the bus we went and headed back to school.
Yes I was tired but it was a great day!
One I'm sure the kids won't forget.
The old:

The new:

Gotta love them Raptors.
Even if they are kinda noisy.
In a whoosh whoosh kind of way.

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