Thursday, April 12, 2012

Good News, Bad News

Good news!
Really good news!
Now the bad news.
I can't talk about the good news.
Yes, this has to do with Something Wonderful.
Trust me, it will be.
Something Wonderful I mean.
That is if I have anything to say about it.
So I've been thinking about Something Wonderful and how I'm going to approach it here in this blog.
I mean I want to talk about it, but it's not that easy.
Remember the main reason I got involved with Something Wonderful was to experience the whole process and that's an experience I'd like to share.
Since it's Something Wonderful.
On the other hand not everything is wonderful all of the time and you have to take the bad parts to enjoy the wonderful parts and it's the potential bad parts I have a problem discussing since I'm not alone in all this and I'd very much dislike spreading any negativity.
Wouldn't want to cast a shadow over all that Wonderfulness don't you know.
What's coming up is going to be a team effort all the way, for the Wonderful is too large and too big for one person to handle alone.
Yes, it's that kind of Wonderful.
So let's just say I'm going to have to be very careful about what I say and how I say it.
Discretion is the better part of valor.
Or something like that.
I'll try to give you full reports of the Something Wonderful, best that I can for I know you, the reader, would be interested in Something Wonderful, but I'll need to sort of water it down.
I won't be able to use the hard hitting exposure type journalism(RIP Mike Wallace) this blog has a reputation for.
What you'll get are mainly progress reports and maybe just some little tidbits of what goes on behind closed doors.
This all revolves around my involvement, which is sort of up in the air at the moment.
If I was on the peripheral, I would feel free to report what I want, but at this point I'm afraid I've got some responsibility to the other folks involved in getting Something Wonderful off the ground.
What I'm saying is that if I wasn't so close to group it would be easier, but since I'm actually part of the group, some things must remain confidential.
Which is not why I got involved, but like Forrest said: it happens.
What happens?
Something Wonderful.
Still, it's hard to write about Something Wonderful without saying something wonderful.
So let me just say this: that Wonderful Something is now being tentatively sponsored by the City and County of Honolulu.
What this means and where that will take us is not known but we were hoping to get at least this far and it does help with all the logistics involved with bringing Something Wonderful to the public.
Did I just give Something Wonderful away?
I hope so because Something Wonderful is something that should be shared by everyone.
If all goes well, there will be a lot of Something Wonderful to go around.


Steve A said...

Wow. Herman's Hermits. I never realized you were THAT old!

rlove2bike said...

Good (Wonderful) news is always welcome!

johnnytrashbike said...

you said 'wonderful' 21 times.

limom said...

Steve A, old is an abstract concept.
Besides, I put that in for you.

rlove2bike, this will be welcome news. Well at least to some folks over here.

johnnytrashbike, thanks fer keeping track.
Wait 'til the next post on the Wonderfulism.
I'm going for the gold!

johnnytrashbike said...


limom said...