Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday Supplementary Diet Edition

I gotta say, I was still recovering from that half a chicken when I was prompted to hit the road.
Something I read about in the paper caught my attention and I decided it was worth investigation
So with chicken in belly, off I went!

Boy, them afternoon shadows make me look really really fat!
Fatter, I mean.
Well I'm about to add to that fatness for about two miles from Flat Tire Central was this:

The event is similar to something that's been going on in Honolulu for some time now called Eat the Streets.
Rolling kitchens, we call them lunch wagons here, gather someplace so that folks can come and sample the cuisine.
In town I think twenty or  more lunch wagons participate, here we only had twelve or so:

I was tempted by a couple of places like the Hula Shrimp truck and the cheeseburger mobile, but I was still carrying around a half a chicken so I looked for something light and small.
Which is not what lunch wagons are known for.
They are known for larger portions since obviously the overhead is less than in a sit down restaurant.
Some lunch wagons have served as sort of incubators, chefs trying out their food before investing in a roof over their heads.
This looked good:

This looked odd:

A musubi by the way is a riceball.
I can't imagine frying one.
Then again, you never know.
Well Baja it was:

Two soft bacon and shrimp tacos.
Not the best, but not the worst I've had.
On the other hand, I ate them pretty fast, not really taking the time to savor every bite.
If you know what I mean.
So anyways, it was time to head off cause Law & Order is on Netflix.
Eight seasons worth, like a 160 episodes.
One more stop before I leave:

If you are ever in Hawaii and you see the red and white Leonard's truck, stop immediately.
A malasada is like a Portuguese doughnut, without the hole, freshly deep fried while you wait:

Look at them sparkle in the afternoon sun!
Look at them disappear in the afternoon sun:

Hell I'm eating one right now!
It seems they'll be doing this event about once a month, it's usually some kind of fundraiser for the school or a local youth sports team.
Next time I'll be sure not to be carrying around half a chicken in my belly for them cheeseburgers looked excellent.
I may also have to bust out my grass skirt and do the shrimp hula.
Okay, not really.
I don't own a grass skirt.
Not yet anyways.
Rolling on home fueled by Leonard's sugary goodness:

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