Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Early Edition

What to do?
Still thinking.
Which is always dangerous.
Me thinking I mean.
See my brother wants to go riding with me.
No, my brother wants me to go riding with him.
Which is way different for that means he isn't going to ride over here, I'm going to have to ride over there.
There is where he lives and it ain't exactly flat:

Okay, that's the picture I used yesterday but he lives right at the base of that mountain and no, we aren't going to climb up that puppy but the area he lives in is very hilly.
Honestly, I'm so out of shape I don't know if I could take on them thar hills.
Well even if I was in shape I don't think I'd want to take on them thar hills.
Still, I don't get to ride with my brother very often so I'd like to go even if it means blowing up a few times.
He's out of shape too so maybe there's a slight chance I could keep up with him, but that chance is very slim since even though he's out of shape he's still probably in better shape than I am.
So what to do?
To tell you the truth, I'm getting sort of bored with the usual route I take and for like the last year or so I've been thinking of changing it around but every time I go out on the bicycle I find myself sort of stuck to it.
The usual route I mean.
I've sort of perfected it, that route, to suit the way I ride and I like going past the same stuff every time(the beach) just so that I can see if anything interesting is going on(folks at the beach).
I gotta say, I'll take the beach over some leg busting hills any day.
On the other hand, my legs need some busting and I had some hills in my plans anyways.
Just not the hills my brother is talking about.
Okay, so today I'm thinking of doing the double: ride my ride in the morning, then go out and meet my brother later in the afternoon.
That's right!
Two rides in one day!
Oh boy, I hope my legs don't fall off.
I need the work though as we both are sort of getting ready for the Haleiwa Metric Century, which is right around the corner.
My brother and I did it two years ago, I went by myself last year, and now he's coming with me this year.
The first year we did it, he dragged me along for sixty miles and I almost bonked at the end:

Okay, that's not really me, but that's sort of how I felt.
This year I think I think I'm in better shape but my better shape is not like really good shape so maybe I'm about equal to his out of shape.
If you know what I mean.
The very idea makes me want to quit bicycling.
Okay, not really.
Well actually, sort of.
Boy I am such a wussy.
Maybe I can give him a geology lesson along the way.


Darin said...

The best way to deal with hills: Tow Rope

Trevor said...

Come on now....every hill is just a fun challenge.
I would quit cycling if everywhere was flat.


limom said...

Darin, don't tempt me.

Trevor, I would quit if everywhere was a hill.
Or I would at least get me an e-bike.
Or like some 13-75 rear gearing.
Or something.

johnnytrashbike said...

it's funny that you're dreading this ride, however you're making it your second of the day. that's the kind of thing i would do.

limom said...

Yeah you know just in case I need to bail I'll still have my first ride done.