Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Final

I need new legs.
No really.
These old legs just aren't cutting it anymore.
I think I done wore them out.
I mean they still work and all, but they just don't have the same pop as before.
Used to be I could ride and ride and they would still respond to the call.
Now I just a ride for a bit and they are all pooped out.
Let me know if you see any go on sale.
Legs that is.
So I met up with my brother again today and we just did a little cruise around Kailua cause it was windy like you wouldn't believe.
Okay not really.
It wasn't that windy but it was windy enough with some gusts that were blowing us all over the road.
Then my brother gets this big idea to go climb up the hill over near Flat Tire Central.
Hmmmmm, I says.
Let's go, he says.
Uh, okay, I says.
Famous last words.
I swear if that hill was like twenty feet longer I would have cracked and just fallen to the side of the road.
My heart didn't explode or anything but my legs did get pretty close.
To exploding  mean:

To be honest, it's not even such a large hill and back when I was in shape I could ride it okay.
Hence the search for the new legs.
Prevaricating Garmin info, for your amusement:

I did sort of recover okay, which is a good thing, and I didn't completely crash and burn at the top.
I still need to work on my cardio for it's no where near where it was before as I just can't sustain a high cadence like I used to.
I guess that's what happens when you make an extended visit to couch potato land.
Anyways, it was I Love Kailua day:

The main street is closed off and folks can walk around to check out all kinds of stuff.
I wanted to get there earlier, but my brother met up with me late and by the time I got back to Kailua it was like a half hour before close down.
I only managed to walk through before heading back to Flat Tire Central.
I did want to check it out and make some notes cause we're planning that other thing.
You know.
Something Wonderful.
On the other hand, it wasn't much different than last years I Love Kailua so I didn't really miss much.
Well, I did miss the Baskin Robbins tent.
That was a bummer.
If you know what I mean.
Anyways the Haleiwa Metric Century ride is like next week and I got a feeling it's going to feel like two metric centuries.
Unless I get me some new legs.


rlove2bike said...

In looking at the Garmin picture, I think you did quite well. Hills, wind socializing and a good time...priceless. I am betting the legs will forgive you'll be looking good for the metric.

Thanks for the post!!

Steve A said...

Y'all have only got one set. Live with it.

limom said...

rlove2bike, thanks, I hope you're right.

Steve A, one can dream.