Monday, May 14, 2012

The Eye is Bigger Than the Stomach

Or something like that.
The saying is supposed to be in Japanese, but I forget.
I'd hear it when going for heaping seconds and not being able to finish.
What boy, you eye biggah dan your stomach eh?
You get the idea.
Maybe that's why I'm so fat.
Not what this is about though.
Well, kinda sorta.
More like a biting off more than you chew thing.
I mean I knew the job was dangerous when I took it Fred.
I knew I would have to use all my Jedi Skilz, summon up all my diplomacy and tact, remind myself of the good intentions of all, and not let my enormous ego get in the way.
My ego is enormous.
Don't you know.
Thankfully it's all in my mind and not an outwards thing.
I think.
So anyways, this whole Something Wonderful is getting to actually be Something Wonderful.
Slowly but surely we make progress towards our goal, which by the way is not that far off.
Though it seems at times, it is very far off and I secretly wonder if we will be able to pull this off.
 I suppose though, the thing to do is to just plow ahead, not let the negatives get in the way of the big picture.
Not that there are a lot of negatives, it's mostly little nagging things, small humps to get over.
Just use The Big Ring and mash.
It's nice that Something Wonderful is shines like the Sun and is able to burn through any dark clouds that form.
The Something Wonderful is so bright I gotta wear shades.
If you know what I mean.
Still, I can't help but feel that I'm outta my league.
I don't know why this should bother me so much for I've been out of my league before, you know, just for the hell of it, and have come away unscathed.
Those were small little things though and not big like Something Wonderful, which by the way is truly Wonderful, even if right now it's only Something.
Am I up for this?
Will this turn into another fine mess I've gotten myself into?
Maybe my ego is bigger than my stomach!
I mean I eyeballed this thing and said a hearty let's do it! now it's like boy, this is harder than I thought it would be.
Sort of.
I need a cream soda.
Or maybe I just need a trip out to the Dagoba system, you know, to refreshen the Skilz a bit.
Get ready for the show down.
The gunfight at the Okey Dokey corral.
So to speak.
No, I'm not turning tail and running!
I'm not giving up!
No quit in me!
Well, not unless Law & Order is on.
If you know what I mean.

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