Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday Final

It never ends.
Well, okay it actually does.
Take the Celeste Devil.
I haven't ridden it in a while but it's an example of done.
Not much left to do to it except ride it.
Actually, I was thinking about some different wheels.
It never does end!
So anyways, I was working on the boomshakalaka this morning as today was more of a work on the bicycles day than it was riding day even though it was a beautiful day outside.
I started off on the Rockhopper since I had it in the stand, you know, from installing that Cool Goofy round bag.
I was messing around with it and noticed them canti brakes were kinda off and boy was that a mistake cause me and canti brakes are not good friends.
 I spent an hour or so looking at them and poking at them and adjusting them and readjusting them and looking at them and poking at them and well, you get the picture.
Finally I decided that perfect adjustment of canti brakes are impossible, at least in my world.
Then I took another look at the Deda and the stem/fork situation.
Here's a better look at what I was talking about:

Tha's the expander bung thingy and how it's tightened down.
The top part is connected to a bottom piece which when tightened makes the whole thing expand and stick in the steerer tube.
Not much of the steerer tube is sticking out:

I originally had it stacked up about 5mm higher, but decided I could live without it.
Now before, I had a 2.5mm spacer on top, just enough so that tightening the stem cap would set the fork in the head set.
What was happening was the stem cap was bottoming out on the top of the bung thingy, so the head set was still a bit loose.
Now I got 5mm of spacers on top:


The stem cap is tightened down pretty good and the fork isn't binding or anything so I suppose that's how it's done.
I took it out up and down my street and the boomshakalaka seems to be gone.
Sort of.
Now I got all these small little rattles and shakes and jingles and pings that I didn't hear because the boomshakalaka had all my attention.
I think that because the frame is hollow, it tends to amplify anything that's loose or vibrates.
Which is not a good thing, but something I'm not going to worry about too much.
I mean as long as the wheels stay on I should be all right.
It's not like I'm riding tons these days anyways.
Speaking of not riding tons, here's my latest blood work:

As you can see, even chicks got better blood than me!
I mean females.
I swear, if my hemoglobin gets any lower, I'm gonna fly to Mexico and get me my own supply of epogen.
I"ve also been getting more iron lately, something I haven't had in a while.
My fatigue hasn't gone away, but to be honest, I'm starting to think it's all in my head.
Or maybe just too much Netflix.
I'm into season 3 of Law & Order.
Only 110 more episodes left to go!
Anyways, two more weeks and then I'm off so I guess I'll just rest up for summer.
Cause lemme tell you, when summer starts, I'm gonna be a Riding Machine(RM!)!

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