Monday, May 7, 2012


Or no?
Are the masses ready for it?
What will it take to shift the paradigm.
Change some attitudes?
Open some minds?
Okay, it's probably no secret that I'm working on something bicycle related.
Lemme tell you, it's like one step forwards, two steps back.
Make that two steps forwards, one step back.
There's like adversity at every door it seems.
Luckily, I like adversity.
Buddies we are.
Sort of like me and Law & Order.
If you know what I mean.
So anyways, there's like adveristy at every door.
Okay, not really.
There's some doors wide open, with welcome signs, but them doors are few and far between.
So far.
Let's face it.
We bicyclists are a niche group.
No need reminding as we are yelled at, honked at, swerved at; all suspected of not having driving priveledges.
Nice bike.
What, no more drivers license?
Is it so odd that some of us would choose to ride a bicycle or just walk?
Is it so odd that we choose to dress up in tight fitting clothes, ride bicycles that cost more than some cars, and pedal until our eyeballs pop out of our heads?
Okay, that's a little odd.
You get my drift though.
A bicycle is something you grow out of.
I mean when you grow up and get  a job and a bank account you're supposed to own a gigantasaurus SUV with low profile wheels and tinted windows.
You know, to prove to everyone that you have a job and that you're all growed up.
Hey! I got a freakin good job and I can afford all that gas!
I mean it's ingrained in our primal instincts that car =  success, bicycle = not so success.
Even those of us who take bicyclng seriously have some sort of gas powered transportation.
Though I suppose that has a lot to do with the way our environment is designed and the standard of living we have become accustomed to.
So what will it take to make the shift?
Some time ago, back in another life, I saw this movie called Moving the Mountain.
It was about the students who in 1989 occupied Tiananmen Square in China, protesting the government, asking for change.
Well we all know how that turned out.
The title had something to do with some proverb, something about moving a mountain, one stone at a time, no matter how long it took.
I suppose then, that's sort of what I'm doing.
Don't get me wrong, I have no delusions of grandeur.
Well okay, I do, but in this case I have to illusions or fantasies about what Something Wonderful will mean and how it will impact the way we live.
I still expect to be yelled at, honked at, and swerved at.
So why bother?
I guess  I sort of think that if every bicyclist could put one stone in his basket, then the mountain would start to move.
Then maybe other folks would see and say hey! you know what? the mountain would look better if it was over there! and they would join in.
Maybe put some rocks in their Wald baskets.
That can only be a good thing, right?
Rocks in yer basket I mean.


Steve A said...

My first thought was: "Limom's paranoia is getting out of hand." And then, I thought: "Maybe not..."

John Romeo Alpha said...

People who honk and swerve at you may think your Wald basket is full of stones to throw at them. "No, brother, these are stones that I picked up off the road to move out of your way. I'm carrying them up a mountain to fill in potholes in a dirt road up there so people don't get stuck. Have a nice day!!"

limom said...

Paranoid? are you talking about me again?

JRA, don't give me ideas.
About the stone throwing part.