Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Final

What a day.
I did manage to get short ride in, but it was really short, under ten miles.
I just went down to the beach to make sure it was still there.

It was an overcast day with not much wind, not exactly pleasant riding, but at least I was riding.
The Cool Goofy pancake bag was well, Cool and Goofy:

I did also manage to lunch on a pastrami sandwich which was okay.
I'm still looking for a honking pastrami on rye that will make me forget any other sandwich exists.
Very difficult to get here.
Anyways, that is not what this is all about.
It's about this:

Oh yeah baby!
Something Wonderful has a name!
Hele On Kailua is being sponsored by a new non-profit called Cycle On Hawaii.
Hele in local speak means to get out, or let's go so it's like Let's Go! Kailua!
The event is scheduled for August 26th, so we don't have much time to get going but going we are.
There was some talk today about postponing the event, but we all agreed to go forwards.
It's not going to be exactly like other Cyclovia events since we are only closing off a short section of street, but hey! you gotta start somewhere.
The idea is promote bicycling and health so most of the activities will centered around that theme.
Right now we have a core committee of about eight people, but the City and County and  folks representing the district are also involved.
Most of my time has been spent working on the permits we need to close the street and just about anything else that needs to get done.
Kailua was chosen as sort of template, the first event, and the idea is for it to move from community to community.
Hopefully it's not going to be the last one we see, and hopefully we get to do one next year too.
So I'll be letting you folks know what's going on behind the scenes as it'll be interesting to see what exactly it takes to get an event like this off the ground.
So far, so good, but we have many miles before we sleep.
In fact I don't think I'll be sleeping at all.
Okay, not really.
I mean I got to sleep, right?
Anyways, that's what I've been working on this last couple of months, and we only have a couple of more months to go.
Wish me luck.
Oh, and we are accepting monetary donations(BIG HINT).


John Romeo Alpha said...

That's wonderful! You had me at food trucks.

limom said...

Not sure about the food trucks though, we're still working on that.