Thursday, May 31, 2012

Out, Then In and Back Out

Something I don't usually do.
I mean once I'm on the bicycle, I'm on the bicycle and it's difficult to even stop.
Then once I get home, I'm pretty much home for good.
Except for today, and maybe more often.
More on this later.
Well I had to go out and do a Hele On recon mission, since it's getting down to crunch time and we need to make some decisions.
Again with the Rockhopper, off I went!
I think it's time I put a Prevaricating Garmin mount on it, you know, so I can track all these incidental miles.
They add up don't you know.
The miles I mean.
So I was off and about on the Rockhopper, a little later in the afternoon that usual, late enough to see this:

I mean I pass by this place when I'm on my usual ride, but it's one street over and that's all I do, pass by.
I've never actually been to the farmer's market when it's open.
I still haven't actually been to the farmer's market when it's open as these pics were taken about a half hour before the were officially open for business.
Despite being a farmers market, there seemed to be more food vendors than actual farmers:

Thats's just half of it, the other half is under the parking lot.
I wanted to purchase some lychee, but seeing as how it's against the rules to sell anything early, and I didn't want to wait a half hour, I passed and headed on back to Flat Tire Central.
Lemme tell you though, I will be going back.
Too much nice smelling stuff to ignore.
If anything, I may make it a Thursday evening summer ritual.
So anyways, the Rockhopper with the new rack!

That's what I'm talking about!
So anyways, like I said earlier, once I'm home, I'm home.
The comfort of the couch.
If you know what I mean.
Tonight though, my presence was needed at a meeting, more Hele On stuff, and it just didn't seem right to drive the two miles or so there.
I mean seriously, two miles?
So back on the Rockhopper and off I went!
I had to install some lights first.
Thank you Planet Bike.
It's pretty nice riding at night.
Back when I first got back into riding, I would ride out for some night classes I was taking and to tell you the truth, I don't remember it being such a wonderful experience.
Maybe I was still in my huffing and a puffing stage, so the ride back was a stretch and by the time I got back home I was all sweaty and cooked.
Tonight though, I rather enjoyed it.
A lot.
In fact I thought about riding some more, you know, taking the long way home, but I was hesitant because of my lack of a good front light.
The wind here dies down at night and riding is more of a glide.
I can hear the bicycle and the roll of the tires and for whatever reason, it seems like I'm going faster.
Super Super Sonic.
Okay, not really.
Just regular Super Sonic.
Sort of.
Riding at night is something I've always thought of doing, but I've never been able to separate myself from the comfort of the you know what to actually go out and do it.
Summer here is perfect for some after dark gallivanting, if only for some short runs.
I'm already thinking of a good route.

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