Saturday, May 12, 2012

I Know You Want One

You know, round and flat.
Not very aero unless you look at it sideways.
Sort of.
My Friend Hoku(MFK), formerly the eVil one, is a procurer of all things bicycle.
He is the only one I know who presently is in possession of more bicycles than I.
How many I'm  not sure, all I know is that it's more than four.
So  anyways, I was over at MFK's house a while back and tossed me this:

I can always use another bicycle bag, especially one that's frame mounted.
Not your usual bicycle type bag, for it came from lands far away:

You gotta hand it to the Japanese for being so practical, yet stylish.
Sort of.
It's an interesting bag for it also comes with a shoulder strap so you can carry it like a messenger bag or use it like a backpack.
Well, kind of.
The thing is, it's sort of round:

Now if I could mount it in back, like off the back of my saddle, then it might look cool.
Sort of like one of them spare tire thingys off a '56 T-bird.
No, this one mounts in front, like on yer handlebars.
It has a top loading compartment, the bungy thingys for like Frisbees for something, and if you have a really expensive Frisbee, you can use the front compartment to protect it:

So this bag mounts on the handlebars, not exactly great for cutting through the wind.
On the other hand, it may make a great fairing.
You know, I could crouch down in front of it while descending some hills raising my average speed by like 15 miles per hour!
Or not.
Sort of looks like I got a giant Oreo hanging up front.
Okay, lemme just it: it looks goofy.
With a capital G.
I mean there's not too many round things I carry around with me.
It's not large enough to carry a spare and it sits upright so pizza storage won't work either.
Well, unless it's frozen pizza.
Still, I'm not one to look a gift horse in the mouth so to speak, and I won't knock it until I try it:

To tell you the truth, the pancake bag doesn't look half bad!
In a pancake sort of way.
Okay, it still looks goofy, but not goofy with a capital G.
I mean if anyone can do goofy but make it look cool it's the Japanese.
They got the market cornered on Cool Goofy(CG).
In fact I'll bet that if I ride around with this bag long enough, everyone, no, EVERYONE! will want one!
Just so they can be Cool Goofy(CG) too.


rlove2bike said...

You have me sold on the Vanilla Cream on the page header...not so sure on the bag though. :-)

Trevor said...

A giant Oreo Eh! Now your talking....


limom said...

rlove2bike, just think of all the great conversations and new people you'll meet! I swear that bag is going to my answer to speed dating!

Trevor, I was at the store eyeballing the Oreos and NutterButters.
Lemme tell you, being fat ain't easy.