Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday Early Edition

Nooks and crannies.
I dislike them very much.
Unfortunately, it's where all that nasty stuff likes to hide.
Especially if you have a white bicycle.
Which I have.
After the Aftermath of last Sundays ride, I sat around looking at my poor defiled bicycle too overcome with grief to actually touch it.
I mean there was like dirt everywhere!
When I came home from the ride, I did hose it off, but man that dirt was sticky stuff and it well, just stuck there.
So yesterday, I began to dismantle it and make an attempt at restoring it to its former condition.
My bicycle I mean.
I spent like an hour or so, and I'm still not done.
I don't think I'll put together a white frame again.
In other news, I went a venturing here and there to check out well, here and there:

Mostly here, only one there.
There was to replace the other there that unbelievably turned down the opportunity to become part of Something Wonderful, so an alternate there had to be checked out.
Since the inconceivable happened it was only prudent to check out some other heres just in case the inconceivable happens again.
I'm telling you, the permitting process is a giant pain for the schools here are State property and the parks are City run so it's double the bureaucracy and double your fun.
If you know what I mean.
Still it was interesting to go out and try to visualize Something Wonderful:

The kind of space available was mostly what I was looking at.
That and exactly how much Wonderful one place could handle.
I mean you just can't have Wonderful exploding all over the creation!
Hopefully we'll have these places reserved and locked down in a week or so.
Then come the other permits.
All in all, this should all come together by the end of the month.
Then maybe Something Wonderful will have a name and I can finally let you, the reader, know exactly what Something Wonderful is all about.
Stay Tuned.

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