Tuesday, May 29, 2012


What the hell?

Today I had only planned a short trip to the LBS to drop off a flyer when yes,  I was diverted.
This time, only a couple three miles extra.
I was being niele(knee-eh-lay = nosey) don't you know.
So off I went!

Apparently the fire had been going for a bit as it looked like it started in the back of hill.
The wind was blowing pretty good, which didn't help any:

There were already some firefighters walking the burn line below the ridge.
I got to see the helicopter folks dumping water on some hot spots:

They were just making sure the fire didn't go down the hill towards the houses.
Not much they could do about the top part so they just let it burn:

It was pretty much flaming out when I left.
Checking the news when I got home, seems there were two other brush fires today.
I guess it's summer.

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