Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Early Edition

Well this morning off I went to finish up stuff I did yesterday.
Kiln stuff.
If you've been following along at home you, the reader, know that My Friend Kyle(MFK) and I have been slowly working on getting the kiln going.
As in ceramic kiln, you know, for like clay stuffs.
So anyways, yesterday, we worked on the roof a bit more and I needed to go back and do some waterproofing.
Sort of.
We managed to get the wood part of the roof done and we sort of had the thing for the chimney set, except I, in a banana headed move, cut the hole too large so there are large gaps in the thingy:

You can see the gaps at the base where I misguessed the puka.
So this morning I had to go back to do a makeshift repair, which involved a lot o'electrical tape:

A temporary fix as I need to make a four corner thingys so that the water don't leak all over the kiln.
Next I'll be going back to waterproof the roof before we tar paper the whole thing.
We'll also be semi enclosing three sides:

Then I was off to my brother's place for he was experiencing some free wheel problems with an old friend:

Yesirreebob! the Rockhopper that started it all!
My first bicycle!
I put around 3500 miles on that ole Rockhopper before upgrading, and I just couldn't sell it.
So instead I gave it to my brother who rides it occasionally.
So occasionally that the free hub started to tighten up, like the grease inside had gotten old or something.
I knew all these bicycle tools would come  in handy!

We actually took everything apart even though the free hub was not serviceable.  What we did manage to do was squirt enough WD40 in there to loosen up the grease, enough that the free in free hub was restored.
I would have taken pictures, but my hands were all greased up, with fishing reel grease no less as it was all my brother had on hand.
Hey! I can bring the tools, I don't usually carry around wheel bearing grease with me.
If you know what I mean.
Busy, busy, busy this morning was I.
Now, I think I may be able to fit in some road time.

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