Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Looming Deadlines

Oh boy!
That's not a good Oh boy like Oh Boy! but a bad Oh boy as in well, oh boy.
It's madness I tell you!
Well, only for me.
Cause I'm like that.
Don't you know.
So this whole Something Wonderful is taking on a whole new urgency.
I don't want to leak what Something Wonderful is before it's actually Something Wonderful, but let's just say that putting on Something Wonderful involves getting a whole bunch of permits.
Permits that need to be applied for before May 25th.
Now normally that wouldn't be so bad except that we need these other permits approved before we can apply for the other permits and well the longer we wait the closer that deadline looms.
Then with the permits they need some maps and detailed plans and stuff which means we gotta get out there and measure stuff and figure out stuff and plan stuff and well, you get the picture.
I'm not feeling too good right now.
Guess who's in charge of all that.
That's right Peter Principle fans!
I'm not quite sure how all this happened but I think when they called for volunteers, everyone else took a step back and I was still recovering from the blistering pace I set on Sundays ride and when I looked around well, I was alone out front.
In my usual position don't you know.
Actually it wouldn't be so bad except now I find I cannot open Word 2007 documents and the thingy I downloaded to fix it didn't work so I still can't open Word 2007 files and does anyone out there have a copy of Office 2007 that I can pirate?
I mean borrow.
Well it wouldn't be so bad but my printer ran out of ink just when I need to start working on them said maps and now I gotta go pillage the ole bicycle funds for some new ink but I guess it's okay cause it's sort of bicycle related.
Lemme tell you this Something Wonderful thing better come off and it better be freakin Wonderful or, or I may take up a new hobby like ceramics or something.
Oh wait.
I already do that.
The ceramics I mean.
Okay, Something Wonderful will be Something Wonderful if it's the last thing I do dangnammit!
Only I'm starting to get the feeling that it won't be Something Wonderful for me, at least not until the Wonderful part is over and done.
If you know what I mean.
Okay, off I go to play cartographer.
Yes, it's Mr. Flat.
The man of many faces.
With looming deadlines.


John Romeo Alpha said...

Go download and install Libre Office, a free suite that will cure all your MS Office problems, free! (opens and saves many formats including that one)


limom said...

JRA to the rescue!
I'll try it when I get home tonight.

Steve A said...

If that doesn't work, take some Lamaze advice and take a cleansing breath. If that doesn't work, pant to keep the panic away.

limom said...

Well, we're not quite in panic mode yet, but I'll keep that in mind.