Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday Final

I finally got off the couch.
It was one of them days where the couch was a viable alternative to anything else since the weather was acting all wacky and there's this thing called Netflix.
Oh I was thinking about it, all day in fact but I got like 364 movies in my queue and it's time I started doing something about it.
So now it's like 3 down and 361 more to go.
Anyways, off I went!
First stop was to case the street we plan on closing off for the event:

Oh I been here plenty of times, especially since I ride by it all the time and it's where we have our meetings.
Still, it's good to just stop and look at, to try and visualize what we want to do.
The street is short, I'd guess a couple tenths of a mile.
It's also not very wide, which may be a good thing.
More on the street later.
Well today was one of them days were I had planned on a short ride, but it sort turned into a long ride.
I didn't even bother with bicycle clothes!
No ride is complete without a ride to the beach although today was windy and overcast for most of the day and nothing much was happening there.
Then I got a hankering for a cream soda but the cream soda place is like four miles out of the way but since I was at the beach I was sort of half way there so off I went!
Riding around on the Rockhopper reminds me of way back when I first started riding.
Almost the same bicycle, riding around the same streets brought back some memories.
I can't believe I rode all over Flat Tire Land on a mountain bike!
It's different riding around on the Rockhopper.
I mean I'm not a huffing and a puffing like I am on the road bikes and I take more time to check things out like this:

What all those guitar parts were doing next to the road I got no idea but I did have a urge to go knock on the door and ask.
Then I thought, where would I put it?
I need a rack.
The good part is that I don't have to pay too much attention to the road.
I can ride over rocks and stuff without worrying about no wussy skinny tires.
You do have to sort of get used to being slow though.
I mean I'm so fast the Rockhopper felt like I was going about a half a mile per hour.
Don't you know.
So anyways, my little 5 mile ride turned into a 15 mile ride, my best guess for I didn't even bother to computer up.
Funny, it didn't even feel like I went that far.
What did I originally get off the couch for?

361 movies left to go.
I got all summer.
Sort of.


John Romeo Alpha said...

That street is missing something...bicycles! And food trucks. Needs more food trucks.

limom said...

In due time.