Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Green Machines!

Part IV.
Yes, it's been four years since the first one, and I remember it well.
The first bike to work/school day consisted of about five or six folks on bicycles riding around the school amphitheater.
Since then I'm happy to say, it's been growing and today the bicycles were out in force!
You had the fixie kids:

I've been seeing a lot more of them roaming the streets in the last year or so.
Not just high schoolers, but younger kids too.
Some of them on some pretty serious iron.
I mean steel.
The folks from Kvibe were there with the cargo bike:

One of the local bike shops had set up that table with prizes and they were giving water bottles and U-locks away to the kids who actually brought their bicycles to school.
I was sans bicycle as I thought it was sort of lame to drive my bicycle to school.
Besides, I had to help out in the lunch line and no way Jose was I going to leave my bicycle unattended.
Anyways, the low riders were strutting their stuff:

Some of them frames looked pretty nice and I was tempted to try and ride one.
Image is everything.
Don't you know.
If you must ride doubled up, ride in style:

Look at the fatness of tireness!

Boy, I wanted to throw a leg over that and cruise around for a bit.
The small ring up front sort of looks funny but I suppose you need the gearing to get going.
How plush do you think it rides?
So anyways, we had some bicycle demonstrations and some bicycle repair stuff going on but it only lasted through lunch.
I know some of the kids that ride, and I think only a handful of them really go out and hammer the streets.
I hope to catch some of them on this ride coming up in June.
More on that later.
A good showing though, and I think more kids are getting on bicycles.
That, can only be a good thing.


Steve A said...

I don't know that I'd really want to ride one daily, but those fat tire bikes are uniquely COOL!

Anonymous said...
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limom said...

Steve A, I sort of been thinking about one, but where would I ride it?

Trevor said...

The Fat Tyre bikes are really popular and have a solid following. there are a number of Fat Tyre bike blogs that make interesting reading...

rlove2bike said...

Yep, I sure am hoping to be owning one of those big, fat tire thingees. The rest were cool too though.

Thanks for the post!

limom said...

Trevor, yep I follow Coast Rider and if I had a coast like that, I would probably have one by now.
A fat tire bicycle I mean.

rlove2bike, I'd like to at least try one before taking the plunge.