Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday Early Edition

Well then.
What's next?
I mean there has to be a next, right?
No, things around Flat Tire Land just don't slow down to a standstill.
Well, not unless Law & Order is on and I got some tater chips handy.
See I was thinking about my two bicycles and where I am in terms of bicycle aquisitions and deletions.
Okay, a bit more investigation is needed, but it seems to me that it's a pretty good thing to have two bicycles with similar ride qualities.
Or is it?
I sort of like some variety, I mean I don't get a double scoop cone with two scoops of vanilla.
Which reminds me, I haven't had a double scoop cone in a while.
Anyways, the riding position on the two bicycles is different, the Deda having a more contemporary cockpit and the Celeste Devil set up along classic lines.
The differences are subtle yet when you pay attention they are noticable.
I prefer the Deda, though not by much.
Now that we've gotten to the fact that steel does ride like carbon and that carbon does ride like steel out of the way, there aren't too many comparisons left to be made.
I'm a bit less careful on the Celeste Devil, I don't toss it around or anything but with the Deda I'm more aware of stuff that might chip the paint or damage the frame.
I don't just go and park it on anything handy; I tend to search for a safe harbor to land.
What I mean is that there is an unfounded sense of fragility with the Deda, maybe because it's so darn light, that I just can't rid myself of.
It is the first new bicycle I've bought in a while so that may be it, but I don't remember wearing kid gloves with my 29er.
Maybe it's like a new car and I just need my first ding before all that goes away.
If you know what I mean.
Getting used to how a carbon bicycle sounds takes some time too.
In the back of my mind I keep seeing them catastrophic faliures and every little ping and pong makes my ears stand up.
There's also this hollow buzzing, something you have to listen for, that's quite odd coming from a bicycle.
It just doesn't sound the same.
To be honest, when I first started riding the Deda, I though it would be my main bicycle.  It would turn into a favorite because first it looks nice, second, I would like the ride of carbon over steel.
Getting back on the Celeste Devil the other day changed all that and besides, there's just something about riding around on a celeste bicycle that's difficult to put into words.
It's like being pro and goofy at the same time.
Anyways, it's a nice day today and what it al means is that I'm  going to have a difficult time deciding which bicycle to ride.
Which I suppose is a good thing.

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