Friday, May 4, 2012

Turning it On

Sort of.
I mean the switch is all covered with spider webs, rusty and worn.
I haven't had to turn it on in a while.
For one thing, once it's on, you expend a bunch of energy, and for the most part you don't get anything back.
All that brilliance gets radiated out into space, never to return.
Hence my reluctance.
Don't get me wrong, I used to turn it on all the time and with excellent results!
Now, not so much.
No need to.
Until now.
Now I'm finding that my dormant people skilz are in need.
Oh once I was a great Jedi, but then I was sort like Obi-Wan, and in retirement.
This time though, I'm finding that it's not so difficult.
Especially if you are Turning it On for something you believe in.
I mean there I was, just being me, when all of a sudden I realized that I had turned it on!
Where did it come from?
Suddenly the ole Meet and Greet reared it's ugly head and I was shmoozing!
Oh no!
Talking to complete strangers!
Asking, no, proposing, wait, well it was more like, like, oh my goodness!
It's okay though.
I was selling Something Wonderful and who doesn't want Something Wonderful?
Well apparently a local school does.
I mean doesn't.
Want Something Wonderful, I mean.
Boy, I was bummed.
No, stunned.
Stunned at realizing not everyone wants or needs Something Wonderful.
How can this be?
Then I turned it on.
I let the bummed bounce off my chest like a lazer beam being deflected off my light sabre!
Ain't no Imperial Storm Troopers going to ruin my day.
I"ll just cut em down and send em back to the Dark Side where they belong!
Time to Turn it On!
Something Wonderful is going to happen dangnammit and if I have to Turn in On to get it done, then so be it!
Time to watch Glengarry Glenross again so I can do the ABC!
Always Be Closing.
No set of steak knives for me.
Sydney or the Bush!
It's official.
I'm on a Mission.

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