Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Blind Spots, WYWH

My you know what is tender.
Not used to the ole bicycle seat don't you know.
I sort o'feel like I did when I first started bicycling, except that when I come back from a ride, I can actually climb the stairs.
My cardio is shot as I can't hold a decent cadence for any sort of respectable distance.
Distance though, is not a problem as I feel like I can ride about twenty miles, I just can't ride twenty miles very quickly.
The other day I put in 17 miles without too much of a problem, except for the tender you know what.
The long straight is still a killer; I can hit The Big Ring and fly in the twenties going, it's the coming back part that hurts.
I've been holding off on riding the road bicycles a bit since I need some new tires and I've been taking some jaunts on the ole Rockhopper.
I'm getting ready though:

I found the box with all my bicycle clothes and upon inspection I discovered I was one sock short.
So I had to order another pair.
Now I have one extra.
You know, just in case.
I've been hitting the back roads around the airport, just checking things out and found this:

Sort of the stop over place before you go and start making gravel.
If the cells have windows, they have nice views.
There is slight problem riding under the viaduct:

The path on the makai or ocean side of the highway is not really a path but more like a sidewalk.
It's not really meant for riding on and every intersection is blind crossing spot.
The cars are making left turns from a dedicated left turn lane towards the airport. That's all good except the viaduct pillars block the drivers view of the crossing area.
I can stand at the cross walk like forever waiting for traffic to clear as the cars don't really have time to stop as they make the turn.
As the cars can't see me, I can't see approaching vehicles in the left turn lane if I'm standing on the sidewalk in the left of the picture.
I spent some time thinking about the situation and there isn't a good solution except for a crossing light.
Which would be a waste since hardly anyone ever walks around that area.
There are a couple of other places where crossing is dangerous, mostly because of the lack of pedestrians, I'll get to those later.
Finally, on Father's Day I went with the family to the beach on other side of the island.
Okay, not really the other side, just farther down the coast on the other side:

That's Punalu'u Beach Park on the east coast.
We went camping there frequently when I was smaller, but now camping is not allowed.
I had a nice day at the beach with smaller people like my nephew and niece.
A new Flat Tire feature, WYWH.
Wish you were here:

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