Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sunday Early Edition

Okay, not really.
More like the Late Early Edition.
Might be a late Late Edition, but I'm not sure yet.
Stay tuned.
Anyways, yesterday was sort of fix the bicycle day.
I got in a new set of pads for my brakes:

I had  been riding my Rockhopper with what looked like the original pads from the early nineties, so I figured it was time to change them out.
Besides, they were Banshee Brakes.
Early warning systems.
If you know what I mean.
Red, cause every one knows red means fast.
I mean faster stopping:

Took me a while for I still don't have any idea how to properly adjust canti brakes.
There's doesn't seem to be any kind of system, just sort of try this and that and then that and this and maybe you'll be good to go.
Well after a few tries, I'm good to go.
Then I decided that it was sort of nice out so I checked the ole Celeste Devil to see if it was ready to go.
Off I went!
Just sort o'cruising around, not going anywhere particular.
Not that there's anywhere particular to go around these parts anyways.
I went down Lagoon Drive, which is that 2 mile straight in back of the airport, you know, just to punish  myself.
At the end of the road, there's a couple of government type places, one is for the fire department, the other I don't what the hell, but they got this on the roof:

How fast them things are spinning is a sort of gauge of how hard the ride back will be.
Straight into the wind don't you know.
I must be crazy cause yesterday, I went down there twice.
Just to make sure it was as painful the second time as it was the first.
I had to stop sort of in the middle:

Fortunately/unfortunately the whole 2 miles going back looks like this.
Unfortunate because there's nothing to break the wind, fortunate because if your legs explode you can rest up with a nice view:

Going back, I got passed by some dude.
Okay not really, but I got dropped like a sinking brick.
I'm beginning to develop a kind of love/hate relationship with that road.
Back in the alee, I stopped for this:

Roads like that are why ice cream was invented.
Trust me on that.
So anyways, I'm starting to up my mileage slowly, and I managed to gain some speed despite the devilish wind.
I'm trying to map out a nice 20-25 mile route so I can start getting back into some kind of shape.
Mean while, I got me this:

More on that later.

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