Thursday, June 20, 2013

Pearl Harbor Bike Path Revisited

I had done the Pearl Harbor Bike Path once before, but it's been two years since and I sort of forgot what it looked like.
From where I am it's a bit tricky to get on it as you have to navigate around and under an off ramp and if you blink you'll miss the turn.
The path proper starts about five miles from where I am, just past the Arizona Memorial:

From what I heard, the path is used heavily during the weekends, not so much during the week.
More on that later.
My goal was to hit Blaisdell Park, about seven miles out.
The Prevaricating Garmin info is here.
The path mostly follows Pearl Harbor but there are areas where you ride through the scrub brush:

That is the populated part.
Right before the park is the LBS, which is good thing since the path is not well maintained and it's nice to know help is within walking distance:

That's until you get to the other side.
More on that later too.
My destination:

That's Ford Island in the background, with the famous airfield tower that's been restored.
Well it was only seven miles out and I figured I may was well do twenty.
So off I went!
The path is sometimes right up against the water:

I didn't go far, just another three miles or so, there isn't much to see.
I ended up near what looks like the mothball fleet:

I spent a bit looking at the ships, wondering what happens to them.
Do they get sold for scrap?
Does anyone come out and do some routine inspection/maintenance on them?
It made me a little sad to think that they were just floating around out there:

This part of the path is sort of spooky.
By spooky I mean it looks like this:

I traveled this section alone.
For the three miles or so, there's like nothing around except tall bushes.
I wouldn't want to come here at night.
There's actually another three or four miles of path beyond, but I'll save that for another day.
I still got another five weeks of vacation left.
Which reminds me, I gotta go check in at work and see about my new to me room.
I guess this means I'll have my own office now.
I hope.


RANTWICK said...

5 weeks? You %^&*$ *&^%$! Some day...

limom said...

Five weeks goes by pretty darn fast.
On the couch.
Actually I can't wait to get back!
Sort of.