Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday Early Edition

Late again.
This is not good as I've taken to sleeping in.
It sort of helps that I live in a place where if I want, it's night all the time.
Especially on the weekends.
Perpetual darkness.
I sort of like it.
Next month, I'll get back to my old schedule and practice waking up early.
I hope.
So anyways, I was out yesterday and noticed that the Prevaricating Garmin is well, prevaricating:

Here I am at a dead stop, and it's says I'm moving!
Slowly, but still it should read zero.
It's in GPS mode so maybe that has something to do with it, I haven't noticed it doing that when I ride with the physical sensors on the bicycle.
I'll have to check.
Also yesterday, I was on the Road to Perdition when I spied my shadow out of the corner of my eyeball:

If you squint yer eyeballs, it looks like there's something sticking out of the side of my head.
I was riding around, trying to figure out what the hell that was, weaving all over the road.
I think I'm possessed.
Never did figure out what that was.
Or I gotta get a hair cut.
Or something.
Lately, I've been thinking about yet another camera.
One of the good things about teaching photography is that I learned a lot about well, photography.
The bad thing is that now I don't like the pictures I take:

In this image I wanted the water to be in focus.
After three tries I gave up.
I suppose I could have put the lens through the spokes then recomposed.
Or I could get another camera with manual controls and some focus lock.
Which I am thinking about.
I've also been reading some about resolution and larger prints.
I ordered two 16x24" metal prints because of the sale and learned that to get the maximun 300dpi in the print you do need a certain amount of pixels.
I also prefer to shoot now in RAW since you can manipulate the images way more in post production compared to JPEGs.
So a new Quest for Camera is on!
I mean the camera I'm using now is okay, but I'm thinking of doing a few more large size prints, especially now that I have a new office to decorate:

After sharing a classroom last year, I gotta say that getting my own office, to me, means I have arrived!
Even if I have another year of probation.
Well, one year and one day.
Anyways, I'm sitting here trying to decide whether or not to get out on the bicycle and if I do where I'm going.
I'm beginning to prefer riding in the late afternoons, around sunset, only because  the lighting is nicer.
Must be that photography thing rubbing off on me.
Or maybe I'm just lazy.
Or something.

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