Tuesday, June 25, 2013

New Arrivals

I can't find anything!
Lemme start from the beginning.
I can't find anything!
Moving was a pain.
First I had to loosely organize everything by need.
Sort of.
Which is why:
I can't find anything!
It's here somewhere:

Like I'm in my own Indiana Jones movie.
Okay, not really.
Most of my stuff is on that rack on the left, in the middle row, in the back.
I think.
I mean it sort of looks like my stuff.
I can't really tell cause I can't see through the shrink wrap.
In particular, I was looking for some bicycle stuff.
Two boxes worth.
Now that I need it.
A tire lever.
Now when I moved I swear I had like three or four tire levers sitting around.
I can picture them, you know, Park Tool blue and all that.
Now they are nowhere to be found so I got this:

The Topeak tool, not the Park Tool cause wouldn't you know it as soon as I ordered the Topeak tool I found one Park Tool.
Anyways, you can see the difference in size.
It also comes apart:

So one tool becomes two tools!
Two tools.
I kind of like the sound of that.
The Topeak tool is heavy plastic, so heavy that I thought at first it was plastic coated metal.
Being longer, it should give a bit more leverage for those hard to stretch tires, but I'm throwing them in the ole tool box and carrying the Park.
After I change my old tires with some new tires.
Which should be the next new arrivals.
I also got this:

Cygolite Expilion 600.
From left to right, USB cord, battery, light, mount and charger.
Very nice.
Very nice bright light too.
I'll test it out later.
Finally, this:

That's right I made a mistake fans!
Erasers for my Pentel Kerry pencil.
Not that I make a lot of mistakes or anything, but I do have to occasionally change a grade.
Or something.
Work is right around the corner don't you know.
Them erasers were something else that I had some of and I still have some of I just don't know where the some are.
I got a feeling that after this is all done, my moving, I'm going to have a lot of redundant systems.
Speaking of work, I must go in today to check on some things.
More on this later.

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