Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Late Edition

Well, late for me.
As in I just got in.
Okay, not really.
I took a shower first.
Cause I just got back in from a night ride.
A short jaunt.
To stretch the legs so to speak.
For tomorrow.
Anyways, I was sitting around, watching Law & Order, and it was getting sort o'toasty in the abode.
I live in a warehouse don't you know.
There's no air circulating and I was thinking, I should go out and just go for a spin.
So off I went!

I wish that ole moon was a little fuller cause I spent part of my ride in darkness.
For some reason, the lights were off on one side of the viaduct.
This is the lighted side:

The other side however was eerie.
Folks sitting at the bus stop in complete darkness.
I only had my little blinky Knog up front but it did help a bit.
Since I was out, I decided to go look at that straightaway I rode the other day, I wanted to see how the street lights looked.
First, complete darkness again as I passed the airport part:

I need me a light!
More on that later.
It was pretty nice riding these parts at night.
Since it's mostly industrial, there's virtually no traffic!
I don't have to keep checking my six cause I can see approaching headlights.
Mostly though, it's sort of peaceful.
Meaning I can suffer in silence.
The straight:

I didn't go all the way down there, I just wanted to see how the lights lined up.
I'll take the real camera back there later and do a shoot.
Turn back around and it's into the wind.
Oh boy.
Honolulu at night:

It's all shaky cause I was a huffing and a puffing and sucking up oxygen like it was on sale at Costco.
Out of shape, but I'm working on it.
The Ninja Bike:

I gotta tighten up the super blinky thingy cause everytime I go over bumps it droops down.
Now I gotta find me a decent front light.
I don't want a honking big light like Steve A that will stop deer in their tracks.
Not that we have deer here.
Not on this island anyways.
Just something with a couple of watts should do.
So I announce: Quest For Light!(QFL!).
Don't hold your breath, this may take a while.
Anyways, six miles tonight.
Just checking the legs.
If you know what I mean.

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