Tuesday, June 25, 2013

New Digs, Cygolite Expilion 600

I'm moving.
No, not like where I live moving, but classroom moving.
Two doors down:

I need to change out the chairs and move some other stuff so I'll be headed on back before school starts.
We also got some new computers on order so I want to make sure everything gets installed okay.
During summer, the maintenance folks also clear out all the rooms and seal the floors so I'll have to wait until they are done.
I also went back in because of this:

Every summer the state library cleans house and has a book sale.
This year, because it's held at our school I qualified for a book coupon.
It comes at a good time because I need to set up that new classroom.
My haul:

Thank you Friends of the Library!
Then I came home and had a humungous lunch and fell asleep.
Then I woke up and decided to head out and test my new light.
So off I went!
The Cygolite Expilion 600 has well, 600 lumens and a GAGILLION settings.
Okay, not really.
More like eight: low, med, high, boost, flash, steady flash, walk and believe or not, SOS.
Like in Morse Code S O S/...---...
It's like way better than that other light I got which it should be as it cost like three times more.
I won't even bother comparing them.
The Expilion throws a nice wide beam:

That's on low.
I tried medium and high and well, it's brighter.
I traded off lumens for duration here as I was out for two hours and about eighteen miles.
Lemme say though, low was enough for me.
Where there was ambient light, there was no difficult transitions where your eyeballs had to readjust.  When I went down the Road to Perdition, in the picture, and there was no light, low was plenty enough to illuminate the road ahead.
I like the Expilion so much, I may get it's big brother, the 700.
You know, for when I take out the road bike and go Super Sonic.
It does take a while to charge, like five hours, so I may get another battery pack just in case.
I'm beginning to like riding at night.
The streets around here are mostly deserted and if I triple up the Road to Perdition I can get in maybe 22 miles.
It's quiet, only the sound of yer tires on the road and the wind blowing past yer helmet straps.
Although Perdition makes your legs burn like the fires from hell, the view at night ain't bad.
Around here after dark, I pretty much own the road:

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