Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday Special pt. II

Don't start here.
Start down there,  part I is below.
I'll wait.
All caught up?
Well as I was leaving the area, I had to stop for provisions:

That was like the best ever popsicle!
I almost went back for one more.
The sun was getting lower and I had to make some time.
So off I went!
I hadn't planned to spend so much time at Sand Island.
It was nice though and I found a place I didn't know existed.
Which is always a good thing.
The real reason I went out was to spend some quality afternoon time on the road.
The Road to Perdition(RTP).
First I had to pick this up:

I'm telling you that cooler thingy is coming in handy!
Riding in the late afternoon is different.
Maybe is quieter, not as many folks on the road, but mostly it's the light: that warm afternoon glow.
My plan was to find a nice spot on the side of the road:

The wind dies down some so the ride back is not as torturous.
The water smooths out as everything seems to slow down.
I sat there and took in the view:

While I ate my sammich.
It was nice to just sit there as most of the time I'm just passing by a huffing and a puffing.
Although it's a bit windy, almost the whole two mile stretch is a nice kick back and enjoy the view area.
Bicycling to different places is nice, but most of the time I'm just passing through.
At least today, I got to spend some time enjoying the places I went to.
I was thinking about this as the sun got lower.
Time to head on back.
First I had to stop for this:

That's right conical frozen treat fans!
Way to pack on those calories!
Anyways, I got four more weeks before I go back to work.
Today's ride taught me a nice lesson.
Time to take advantage of these long summer days.

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