Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday Final

It's like a drug.
I'm addicted.
So as part of my twelve step program, I got me a bicycle.
Get off the couch, it says to me.
Back off! I says to it.
The bicycle I mean.
Look fatso, it continues, if you don't get off your you know what, you are gonna wake up with tire tracks across yer back!
Okay, okay, I says.
I give in.
So off I went!
It was raining off and on all day so I waited until the late afternoon to get out and go for a ride.
An addict's excuses.
Anyways, I went out looking for some good light.
I take pictures don't you know.

The afternoon light makes some interesting patterns under the viaduct.
I like repetition and pattern so those are things I'm constantly on the look out for.
Also different points of view, things you might miss for instance if you never look up:

I can't control the exposure on the small camera so sometimes I just take pictures to see what stuff looks like.
If there's potential there, I plan to haul out the big camera and go back.
Mostly though, I was out hunting and gathering:

Took me a while, but I finally bagged me a turkey and ham sammich.
Cooler thingy comes in handy:

Headed on over to do the penance run, I see this:

Usually a rainbow is a good thing.
Except I live over there on the left and a rainbow means it's raining.
So I go right.
Towards the sunset.
I've been fooling around with a High Dynamic Range (HDR) plugin.
In my opinion, HDR only works with certain compositions and you sort of have to look for it:

One of the times I like to use it is when I shoot into the sun.
If you look at the left corners, you can see the chain link fence I shot this through.
I cropped it a bit and ran it through the software:

I find that HDR also works well with clouds:

HDR is kinda a frou-frou thing so I try not to use it too much, but it does add another dimension to what would otherwise be a tame image.
I need to get back to that area with the big camera cause the light at sunset is really nice.
In fact today, I scouted out a bunch of places I need to get back to.
Anyways I was getting hungry so I headed on back.
I only got caught in a slight drizzle.
I took yesterday off to sort of rest the legs.
When I first moved here, I was sort of looking at riding to work and this week I hope to see just how far and difficult it is.
Hopefully my light comes in so I can venture a bit further at night.
About the venturing further part.
At night I mean.

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