Friday, June 14, 2013


Yes I am.
No really.
Fickle like a pickle.
I mean things just gotta be a certain way.
The planets gotta be aligned.
The tide has to be perfect.
The groundhog has to see his shadow.
Or something.
All of the above must be good to go in order for me to go out and ride my bicycle.
Which explains the long lay off.
Okay, not really.
We don't have groundhogs here.
At least I don't think we do.
Anyways, there are certain things I need before I strap on the shoes and pull on the spandex.
I need this:

Scan Sound stereo to mono ear thingy.
I've gotten used to riding with music.
Besides, the sound of my own huffing and a puffing is a constant reminder of how slow I am.
I also got me this:

That's right take it all with you fans!
Another camera case!
My old case just would not accept the strap on my bag thingy, so I had to get this one.
I got to take me some pictures.
I was carrying my camera in the bag thingy and it was just too much of a hassle to stop, open bag thingy, take out camera, take picture, put back camera, close up bag thingy.
Now it's take out camera, take picture, put back camera.
How easy was that?
I am investigating another solution though.
More on this later.
It also has to be dry.
As in no clouds in the sky.
Hey! that rhymed!
Cloudlessness is next to impossible seeing as how I live on an island and there are always clouds in the sky.
Did I mention my long lay off?
There must also be no wind.
If I throw sawdust up in the air and it doesn't fall straight down, no go.
Cause the wind is not my friend.
Mortal enemies we are.
I am a pacifist and I refuse to fight it.
The wind that is.
So most days, I sit and wait and check the conditions and my horoscope and wonder when I'll be able to get back out on the road.
I'm trying to get over this fickleness.
Really I am.
Then again, maybe I'm not trying hard enough.

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