Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday Final

Oh boy.
Not the good Oh Boy!, but the not so good oh boy.
So I was sitting around this morning, thinking that if I don't get something done summer is just going to be gone in like the blink of an eyeball.
Don't get me wrong, I'm getting stuff done, just not so much.
Mostly I've been sitting around wasting money on iTunes and watching movies and eating and sleeping.
You know, acting like I'm on vacation.
Which I am.
Anyways, I decided it was time to get off my you know what.
So off I went!
On the ole Deda I rode, fleet of foot and spinning wheels!
Until my legs got tired.
Then I coasted.
A lot.
The neighborhood is mostly industrial:

I don't think I'd ride here on a weekday, what with cars and trucks and all sorts of nastiness.
On the weekend though, it's pretty much void of traffic.
So, where to go?
Okay, down by the airport!
The backside of the airport that is.
All the way down by the reef runway.
It's called the reef runway cause it's built on a yep, reef:

Here's what looked to be a C-130, testing the engines.
It just sort of sat there, revving away.
To get to there, I had to ride down two miles of this:

A two mile straight with the wind at my back!
Problem is, now I gotta go the other way.
My poor legs!
I think I averaged like 2 mph going back.
Felt like I was bicycling through tall grass:

Okay, not that tall, but you get the idea.
Actually I didn't feel that bad.
I stopped by the park to see what was going on:

Canoe races!
Time to take a break:

Oh yeah baby!
At this point I was thinking maybe I should head on home.
I checked my Prevaricating Garmin and discovered that I hadn't even done ten miles!
Okay, I'm feeling okay, let's shoot for fifteen.
So off I went!
On a road to nowhere:

Not much imagination there.
I couldn't fine Road No.1.
I went to Keehi Harbor, a place where I took some night shots.
Beyond Road No.2 is Sand Island.
I stopped to see what was happening at the boat ramp:

Which was nothing.
Happening at the boat ramp I mean.
By now it was sort late in the afternoon and I was getting sort of hungry.
Back home I headed.

Not too bad except my average speed was like 4.3 mph.
My cadence sucks too.
Then again I suppose I did okay for being off the bicycle for more than a year.
I really need to work on getting back into shape.


John Romeo Alpha said...

The Garmin: it lies! The gagillion watt thighs have been unleashed.

limom said...

Or something.