Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What Did I Miss?

No really.
What did I miss?
According to the Prevaricating Garmin, it was like one year to the day since I had gotten off the bicycle and got back on.
What happened in that one year?
The question came to me when I was thinking(there I go again!) that once I get done collecting camera crap, I can start back up collecting bicycle crap.
Looking forward to it I am.
Collecting bicycle crap I mean.
Okay, okay, it's not really crap and I dislike using the word cause it sort of sounds out of place but I don't what else to call all those incidental things one acquires that one really doesn't need.
I need it all.
I just don't have anyplace to put it.
To paraphrase comedian Stephan Wright.
So anyways, I as I was saying, I was thinking about that long lay off and wondering why it took me so long to get back.
On the bicycle.
I don't know.
Hell I don't know what made me fill up the tires, charge up the Prevaricating Garmin, and go out for a ride last week.
I'm glad I did, but it still puzzles me.
The other night, I was sitting around watching Law & Order and I got to urge to go back out and go for a short ride.
Where did that come from?
Two weeks ago, my you know what was firmly planted on the couch happy to wile my summer away without any type of physical exertion.
Now it's like I'm back to being a bicycle riding fiend!
What did I miss?
Or more like where did it go?
My bicycle mojo.
Seems like it went on a long vacation and took the long way home.
I gotta say that when it did come back it came back a bit different.
For one thing, I feel like I'm enjoying myself more.
Meaning I'm not thinking too much about cadence, speed, heart rate and all that other good stuff.
I mean I'm thinking about it, I'm just not caring about it.
I was also thinking about that as I put in twenty miles today, my longest ride so far.
When I was riding back then, I was concerned with improving my fitness and getting faster now it's like who cares?
Do I really need to push myself every time I go out for a ride?
Maybe the question is not what I missed, but what I left behind.
Maybe I left behind something that was taking the fun out of bicycling, something that I needed to get rid of.
Whatever it was, I'm glad it's gone.
I may just get rid of the Prevaricating Garmin too.

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