Saturday, June 15, 2013

I Can See Clearly Now pt.II

Part one was a while back, when I got new glasses.
Which reminds me.
I need new glasses.
More on this later and new glasses is not what this is about.
It's about this:

Alien fungi growth on one of the internal elements of my lens.
Took Nikon two weeks or so to clean it up and send it back.
Now it's like this:

Okay, you can't really tell from that shot, but trust me, it's clear like a well, clear piece of glass.
Now I can be Super Wide again!
Actually, the header image was taken with that lens before I sent it in, and you can't really see any distortion.
Still, it was better to get it in before the fungi etched the glass and it would've cost more to repair.
Not that it was inexpensive.
Cause lemme tell you, them Nikon folks charge something crazy just to look at it.
The lens I mean.
On the other hand, they did do a full check of everything and sent it back expeditiously.
Thanks also to the seller, who took care of half the bill.
I gotta say, cause maybe he's reading this, that folks like the seller are few and far between.  He could have easily said tough cookies and let me swing in the wind, but he stood behind the sale and helped me out.
Thanks dude!
May your photos always be tack sharp!
In other news, I can see more clearly now because of this:

That's right extreme close up fans!
Big Mama II!
Basically the lens I've been dreaming/having nightmares about!
One came up on the ole CL (this time I could inspect it) and I had to step up to the plate.
Now I am sad because I am poor.
The 70-200 f2.8 VRII cost me like a set of new wheels and a Chorus group.
My Quest for Glass (QFG) is almost complete.
Anyways, I'm gonna put up a link to my 500px page, in case any of you, the readers, are interested.
I also went out yesterday and did 14 miles.
All into the wind.
Okay, not really.
It just felt like all 14 miles were into the wind.
Apparently I lied the other day when I said I didn't ride in it.
The wind I mean.
It's looking pretty cloudless and windless today so chances are good I may go out and ride again.

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