Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sand Island Recreation Area pt.II

Part one is below.
Go there, then come back.
I'll wait.
I suppose the plan for Sand Island was for it to be a sort of all around park.
Way in the back, I found this:

What appears to be a four baseball field complex that has been overgrown with tall grass.
There are also two more fields, one little league and what looks like a softball field.
Those two fields are maintained.
The thing about Sand Island is that it is way off the beaten path; you really have to want to be here to get here.
If you know what I mean.
It's worth it though:

The shoreline area is beautiful.
You can see remnants of some pillboxes there on the beach.
The whole area was sort of a dumping ground for many years.  Squatters were kicked out in the seventies and clean up of the area began though some historic stuff still remains.
Over on the shipyard side Army barracks still stand from the forties and fifties, though I heard they are slated for demolition.
More sand:

The park area is not very pretty.
Being so far from the mountains it gets very little rain.
More on that later.
There's lots o'room, but it's not very green:

Requisite bicycle picture:

As I mentioned before, there are still some historic artifacts there.
A couple of observation towers stand, although they are just structures and aren't accessible:

Downtown Honolulu is right across the way:

If you squint yer eyeballs, you can see what I mean about the rain.
Over on the left it's raining, probably where I live, but the rain doesn't make it all the way over to the shoreline.
Anyways I was getting hungry so it was time to leave.
I stopped off down at the Reef Runway place and caught some Raptors taking off:

The other day I was about a mile away from here and saw two of them take off and just go vertical!
Crazy pilots.
After paying my penance to the wind I went to my now favorite eating place and had this:

I'm getting some miles in on the bicycle but for some reason I'm not losing any weight.
I wonder why.
The BMX track is open today so I may go over and take a look.
Weather permitting.


John Romeo Alpha said...

I checked out Sand Island on teh g00gl3 mapz. That run-down ball field would be able to tell a thousand stories, I think. I wonder if those industrial backs on that island will end up being developed into resorts and golf courses, eventually. Maybe.

limom said...

I think my brother said they are expanding the dock area.
Which would make sense since the area around Aloha Tower is being developed.
No golf courses though.