Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Working It

Okay, not really.
I mean I was working it, but not like going all out working it.
If you know what I mean.
Today, I was going to ride out east, towards the city and Ala Moana Beach, but I decided to put that off for another day.
I got up a bit late and dawdled around until it was too late to make long trip so instead I went the other way, towards Pearl Harbor.
If you, the reader, have been following along at home, you know that around two years ago I made a trip along the path out to Pearl Harbor.
Well, it's been such a long time I figured I better go out and scout it again.

Here I am under the viaduct again.
Not so eerie during the day.
The path then goes by the Navy Exchange where it gets sort of rough:

The grass is coming up through the asphalt and you got whoop ti doos all over the place.  The nice thing is that they got solar powered lights all along the way.
I gotta try this at night.
So there I go:

From where I am to the Arizona Memorial is about five miles.
I accidentally turned off the Prevaricating Garmin and lost some mileage so I'm not really sure exactly how far it is.
I plan to do the tourist thing at Pearl Harbor maybe next month.
The Golf Ball Radar:

That's also one of the ferries that takes folks over to the Memorial proper.
So far so good, the ole legs were holding up pretty well.
Now I gotta go back.
Up this:

Actually it wasn't too bad.
Either that or I'm in better shape than I thought I was.
Of course it's the latter.
Anyways, it was starting to drizzle a bit so I headed on back.
Until I saw this place:

The thing about being in an industrial area means that there are lunch places scattered all over the area.
Usually the food is inexpensive and plentiful:

Roast pork plate cost me six bucks!
I was hungry, but I couldn't finish it all.
Okay, I could have, but then I wouldn't have been able to make it back home.
If you catch my drift.
Tomorrow I'm hoping I'm feeling well enough to go the other way and make a longer ride out of it.
I also need to hit up the LBS and see what kinds of lights they got.
Hopefully I can get in a twenty miler and really test the ole legs.
Weather permitting.

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