Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Sort of.
I think that's why I enjoy Sand Island so much.
Not the recreation area but that back road place I've been going to lately:

It's kinda desolate in a nice way, I mean there are no facilities of any kind.
No shade unless you want to be poked by the pokey bushes and bring your own water.
There are folks around, mostly though they seem like me, there to enjoy the solitude whether it be fishing, surfing or just well, being alone.
I was there for a reason, trying to get my perfect sunset image, but those clouds over the mountains weren't cooperating.
It was okay though, I was there and not over here.
If you know what I mean.
If you look closely at the image above, you can see where the ocean has found a path from one side of the point to the other.
One day, it will cut off this small piece of land and the point will be no more.
Unless humans intervene.
I wonder if I'll still be here?
Waiting for the sun to set.
Can you really call it waiting?

No prize for me today, but I was rewarded.
Some kids enjoying the last light of the day:

Like that cloud, they don't wan the day to end just yet.
Don't worry, it'll all be good again once tomorrow comes.
One more place to go, since I'm out here I mean.
So off I went.
No picture here either:

Like that elusive perfect setting sun, the lights just don't want to align to my satisfaction.
One stray light here, one there, just can't seem to frame it correctly:

I give up.
Tired of waiting for the headlights and tail lights to pass and give a clear shot, I turn my camera in the other direction.
The Moon is coming up:

No good there too.
I hadn't planned on shooting the Moon, so I left without my magic filters.
Too bad.
It was a nice sight.
Pack it all up and get ready to go and coming down the road I see some single lights:

Bicycle Ninjas invading my turf!
Camera out I ready myself to document their existence, but my lens is too slow!
I left the fast focusing lens at home!
Abstract bicyclists:

Let me try that again.
Here they come on the return leg:

Just don't have what it takes.
Not tonight anyway.
Pack it up again and hit the road for home.

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