Monday, July 15, 2013

The Perfect Bicycle

Doesn't exist.
I'm pretty sure.
Because I've pretty much searched the whole internetz.
From like aarvark to zzebra.
Trust me.
I've got a lot of spare time.
At least for now.
Anyways, if you, the reader, have been following along at home, you know that I have three bicycles.
Actually four, but the Bike With The Funny Name is at my brother's house collecting dust.
So I got like the two road bikes.
I just saw a CL add for a real nice rode bike.
At first I laughed, you know, rode bike, then I thought you know what? that's an appropriate name for a bike that you ride.
Anyways, I occasionally ride my roade bikes because I like to ride them but I find that often they are ride specific.
Like just going for a ride where I'm not really going anywhere cause I can't or don't want to leave them outside someplace while I gallivant around and you can't really carry stuff on them.
I was considering wearing a backpack while riding my roade bikes but I just can't or don't want to get into that.
So I end up riding my steel Rockhopper most of the time.
I like my Rockhopper, except that it was built in a different age and it weighs a ton.
Okay, not really.
Well, compared to my carbon bicycle it sure feels like it does.
The good thing is that I can carry all sorts of stuff on it, more if I add panniers, and to be honest, if it gets stolen I'm not out a bunch of money.
Still, I wish I had something different.
It's not that I don't like to ride it, it's just that I ride it out of necessity.
You know, my Flat Tire Earth project.
Mapping out Flat Tire Land, carrying around all the cameras and all that.
So lately I've been thinking about what would be a good all around bicycle.
I'm not in full blown Quest mode yet, I'm gonna see how the Rockhopper adapts to living on the second floor at my new place.
That's mostly the problem: lugging that thing up and down the stairs.
I'd also like to go back to big wheels.
I'm thinking something aluminum like, with 700x35s, with a rack that weighs in around 15 lbs.
Maybe even single speed, since I hardly change gears when riding on flat ground.
Sort of makes me wish I hadn't sold my 29er.
If you know what I mean.
Anyways, I'm gonna keep thinking about this perfect bicycle, even though I know it doesn't exist.
Or maybe it does, I just haven't seen it.
That's impossible though, cause I've searched the whole internetz.
Sort of.


John Romeo Alpha said...

French touring cycle. Randonneur. Campeur. Carbon fibre: non!

limom said...

I was sort of thinking about a folding bicycle.
Okay, not really.