Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy July 4th!

Did you have a good one?
Day off that is.
I did.
Sort of.
I mean I started off doing nothing.
Holidays you know, are perfect for that.
Doing nothing I mean.
Then I started thinking boy, I better go and do something.
So off I went!
I actually went out twice, the first time was to go foraging for a meal.
Which was difficult as every place was closed.
I guess other folks were out there doing something too.
Back to Sand Island I went:

Okay, that's not Sand Island, that's someone's bed frame on the sidewalk.
That's the kind of neighborhood I live in.
For now anyways.
I went back to Sand Island cause I had some ideas for some pictures, but they didn't come out.

There's the abandoned ball fields.
I think I need to get lower and I should wait for the sun to get lower.

A small pool at the point.
I think the sun was too low.
I also needed to creep up a bit.
Evidence of my exploration:

I dawdled there for a bit as I really wanted to reshoot the night pictures from the well, other night.
The park was full of folks and if they were able to stay late, they got a good view of the fireworks tonight.
I thought about the fireworks, but I really wanted to figure those pictures out.
On the bridge back towards home:

Sand Island really is an island.
Anyways, I had to wait for the sun to go down so I was taking my sweet time.
Once I got to where I was going I still had to sit around and wait for the lights to come on.
Setting up:

This time I stuck my bicycle down under the light post.
My helmet is marking my focus point.
The idea was to blur the lights and have the path in focus:

Having the bicycle there adds a different dynamic to the composition.
So I tried to focus on the bicycle:

I think what happens there is that now the bicycle is the subject, not the path.
So I did a crop:

I kinda like that, but the lights and signs bother me now that they're in focus.
I also forgot to turn on the tail light on the bicycle, you know,  just to add a bit o'red to the image.
Oh well, I'll sleep on them and look again tomorrow.
If I go with that last image, I'll have to go and shoot it again with a different lens.
AdoramaPix has a sale on 16x24 metal prints and I'm hot to order a couple more.
I'd like to do one of the ocean and one bicycle related so I'm trying to get a couple of nice compositions.
More on the metal pics later.
I got two coming in tomorrow.


Chandra said...

Belated Happy 4th to you also.
I like the Sand Island photo.
Paz :)

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