Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hawaii 4-9, Being Tricky

I gotta stop eating them roast pork lunches.
It's the kind of lunch were after you eat, your legs don't wanna work no more.
What calories I burn, I double when I sit down to a lunch drowning in gravy.
I can't help it.
Cause it's so good.
So after sitting down and gaining five pounds, I figured I better take the long way home to work off some of that pork goodness.
I headed down the road to do my roast pork penance, my wrist, elbow, shoulder and leg still hurting a bit from yesterdays crash.
Along the way down the Road to Perdition, I saw this:

Except there weren't any uniformed police folks around.
I think the HPD 49 sort of gives it away.
There were some folks walking around checking things out, probably scouting a location:

I thought.
Just before I reached the end of the road, my front tire went flat.
Okay, not completely flat, just sort of flat:

I'm running these Specialized Hemispheres and they don't seem like they are very tough.
This flat was caused by one of them pokey things in the grass that got stuck in between the treads.
On the other hand, I do ride amidst the junk on the road and on some untraveled areas, so maybe it's just me.
I'm starting to think tire liners.
White cap day:

I don't know how much the wind has to be blowing to cause white caps, but it was blowing pretty good.
Riding straight into it sort of made me forget about lunch.
A bunch of a huffing and a puffing later I saw this:

Those folks weren't scouting a location, they were on location!
There was a whole bunch of cameras and crews and tents and stuff.
A little further down the road they had larger tents set up for the crew.
No cast. 
Real HPD watching faux HPD:

Actually a lot of the uniformed folks are real Honolulu Police Department officers.
Famous Camaro in the background.
I was looking for Grace Park or Scott Caan, but no stars were to be found.
I guess they were still setting things up.
Watch for this location on TV and remember you saw it here first!
Sort of.
Lastly, there are bunch of rubber trees growing by the  bicycle path:

Well rubber trees have this branch thingy with the leaves that fall to the ground:

When I was smaller, we would swing the thingys from our fingers and have contests to see who could do it the longest.
First you find a good one.
Branch thingy I mean:

You hook it around your finger and let physics do the rest:

Okay, wait.
Not like that.
Like this:

My stupid human trick for the day.
Tomorrow I'll try it while riding a bicycle.
I hope I don't crash.


rlove2bike said...

I have a similar problem with the eating thing. I will ride during day, then eat well that night plus reward myself with ice cream later...uuuummmm, Oh well :-)

limom said...

I ride for ice cream!

Chara said...

This is gorgeous!