Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday Final

This is becoming a habit.
Taking naps I mean.
Which I did today.
Then I woke up.
So off I went.
Back in search of fishing pictures.
No luck.
The pictures just weren't biting today.
What I did was stop off at Aloha Tower again, just to play with my super wide lens:

I'm still learning how to use it as on the short end there's a lot o'distortion and I haven't quite learned how to correct it.
More on this later.
I sort of just took it easy today, taking my time to check things out.
Most of the time I've been out I'm only carry three lenses: the 16-35 f4, a 50 f1.4 and an 85 f1.8.
I'm finding that those three lenses pretty much cover what I see.
Anyways, it's been a while since I've checked out Aloha Tower.
Back in another life, it was sort of an after work hang out and there were many watering holes to quench one's thirst.
Now, not so much:

Looks to me like half the Marketplace is empty; the recession must have hit hard.
Gone are my old hangouts.
Sort of makes me sad.
Down the road a bit to the harbor entrance:

I'm starting to like the area around the harbor.
Well the sun was getting low and I still didn't have any fishing pictures.
Okay, not really.
I had some from where I took the above image, but I don't really like them.
So off I went!
Back to Kakaako Park.
Where there were lots of other folks taking wedding pictures.
I counted at least three couples and photographers out there, hogging the scenery.

Just to the right of this picture there was a photographer and his assistant taking pictures of a newlywed couple.
Those are their shadows on the ground.
My shadow on the ground:

Watching the sunset:

Before I left, I climbed one of the hills so I could get a picture of the walkway next to the water.
Nowhere to park the bicycle:

Here's the park at 16mm, you can see the distortion in the lights on the bottom:

Corrected version:

The second image is actually a different picture I took a few seconds later that I applied the corrections to.
I put the second image in there because I took it at .4 seconds handheld.
I gotta say, that Vibration Reduction (VR) stuff really works!
So much so that I'm up at odds about my next lens.
Should I get the f2.8 without or the f4 with VR?
The 16-35 is really nice even with the distortion goofiness.
I'm not sure I don't like the distortions, I mean they look cool depending on the composition.
You can still see some curvature on the horizon; I only corrected for the vertical.
Though I shoot mainly with the 50mm, I'm starting to like what the 16-35 f4 can do.
Again, I'm still learning to look through it.
Anyways, my stomach was talking to me so I headed off towards home.
Into the darkness:

The road was really bumpy.

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